Meet the Footstompers


Stefan is the band's frontman and leads the singing and dancing at Footstompers' events and, whilst he can play the trumpet, he is currently six months into a two-year suspension issued by the Bavarian Noise Abatement Group!

He can often be seen furiously beating his Bass drum in front of the whole audience and his main hobby is posing for photographs.


Otto is the Footstompers' Trumpet player and is a member of the famous Gell hair products dynasty. His great grandfather, the original Herr Gell, invented products known the world over although testing on a young Otto left him somewhat follically-challenged!


Big Willy is the Band's Tuba player and is always a big hit with both male and female Footstompers' fans who regularly stop to admire his oversized instrument. Occasionally, fans ask to have a go on it and it is not unknown for him to let them do so.


Gretel plays Bb Clarinet and Eb Saxophone for the band and is the only female Footstompers' player. She is also the smallest member of the band but has a large pair of lungs, which are much admired, making her a match for any of the male players.

Interesting fact: Gretel wanted to be an extra for the Hobbit movie the Unexpected Journey directed by Peter Jackson. 


Hans is the 'baby' of the band and is by far the youngest member. He plays Euphonium and Valve Trombone, although seldom at the same time. 

As Hans blows his trombone so loudly he works part time as a fog horn on super barges on the River Rhine. 


how it all began...

Thirteen years ago the Bettesteiner Footstompers were created...and we've never looked back!

Meet the Footstompers!