Strap in and get ready to stomp!

It's not opera singing, it's football singing!

(If your neighbour is rubbish don't tell them...and don't forget the more you drink the better you will sound!)

The event starts with traditional German Bierfestival music with some participation and lots of singing and swaying.
The first half is the quiet refined section to get you warmed up. The second half involves lots of singing to popular music, tambourine, drum action and dancing.

Enjoy foot-tapping live music such as
In Munchen Stadt
Clarinet Polka
Ambosspolka (The Anvil Song)
The Sound of Music section (including The Lonely Goatherd and Eidelweiss)
Ein Prosit (to help you drink your beer!)
The Beatles (Hey Jude)
The Monkeys (I'm a Believer)
Tom Jones
and many more...